The Afterstory is an extra chapter in FNaFB2, first introduced in The Final Mix version, it was renamed Afterstory in a New Patch that assigned this as accessible from the beginning.


The FNaFB1 gang battles Golden Freddy, where the player inevitably loses due to the extremely low stats of the Main Characters, resulting in a Game Over... or is it? Freddy claims that his fight with Golden Freddy is bull**** and then proceeds to complain over the fact that "Bonnie, Chica, and Yiffy are dead", and goes on about how "The hats are insatiable", however, before he could continue complaining, B.B arrives driving his new car, which Freddy hops on by literally jumping into it, (It probably left through a dimensional tear as the Parallax Backround of Face indicates) he then proceeds to call B.B a "little sh**" and then asks him what he is doing, upon the revealing of B.B time traveling and his sensitive feelings being damaged, they promply head to the 80's... where 80's B.B attemps to open the presents, but Toy Foxy stops him at every turn, until they arrive just before 80's B.B opens up the Presents, where "With_S2" promply plays with higher pitch every time a character's dialog screen pop up with ABSOLUTELY no dialog. 80's B.B promply opens the Presents with Freddy preventing 90's B.B from destroying them, the opening of the Present boxes, however... reveals the arrival of Lord Michael Jackson, who have come for his presents, a Why... from Toy Foxy and an ensuing battle begins, however, Michael pushes Freddy & co. away, to turn into Mecha Jackson! the fight was in the favor of Freddy & co. however, who promptly makes him break down. Freddy takes his hat with him, which seems to possess Forcefielding powers, preventing Freddy from dying to Golden Freddy's attempted y****** of his d***, notably, during the battle with 80's Golden Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, and Yiffy are brought back to life. After a long fight, 80's Golden Freddy was defeated, and Freddy & co. got gud. When they return to the Pizzarea through Parts & Service, they realize that they are stuck in the 80's and cannot return to the "glorious" 90's, this causes everyone to swear once until B.B arrives, Freddy attempts to force him to return "him to his location of dwelling immediately" and calls B.B a "fridges******* co********", before B.B promptly tells them to GTFO, Freddy however, will not be denied and jumps onto B.B's car, which causes a malfunction within the car causing them to transfer... somewhere... after constantly asking B.B if is it done, Bonnie does it himself, causing it to screw up even more, causing them to end up in the Credits... once the overly long credits finish, they engage the 80's Toy Freddy & co. for somehow NO reason, which gets them to join the party, in which he says that the grand finale is "the life and death of the enragement child", which prompts Toy Freddy to f*** his own life, They then head to B.B's Palace, an hour of lock murdering later and they enter B.B's room, enraged at this prospect (and also Freddy's "insults"), B.B turns into a powerful, Safer Sephiroth inspired B.B, The entire gang of FNaFB2 & 1 listed in different groups fight him, (Such as Bonnie with the other Bonnies, etc.), until Freddy grows to level 20 and obliterates B.B, then they leave, both sides at ease... for a while....

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first ever piece of FNaFB game to be centered around plot. (Even though it's just a bonus scenario)
  • As of the newest Patch, The Save Import Scenario was renamed AfterStory and made available on the beginning by a new menu option.
  • Though in the original Save Import Scenario the entire FNaFB 1 gang started with Kingly Weapons, in Afterstory they started with Platinum Weapons.

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