The Backroom can be located in the upper left side from the Dining area.

Within the Backroom is an Alpha Party Hat as well as a headless Bonnie. The room also holds several heads for the different animatronics on the shelves.

It is a Level 1 room meaning that only Alpha Party Hats will attack Freddy and co.


  • Despite all the heads on the shelves as well as Freddy's pleading, Bonnie will not use any of the 5 spare Bonnie heads within the backroom.
  • After getting Bonnie to Level 20 on Night X, getting him to Level 10 and defeating 5 Cameras on Night XX or beating 10 Cameras on Night XXX, Toy Bonnie will spawn in the lower left corner of the room.
  • The camera can be found in the lower right corner.

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