• Thebubbl1

    Little Fun

    June 27, 2016 by Thebubbl1

    Hey! I'm planning to make a remake of the original FNAFB, just to get myself back into modding and mapping for RPG games! Now the reason I am posting this here is so I could get a little help with ideas and mechanics. If you have an idea for the mod, please leave a comment telling me so, and I'll be sure to include it if I like it.

    Now for a little fun, if you DO post and Idea, be sure to give me a name and image, so that if your idea gets in, I can make YOU a little cameo! This would be hella fun for me, and I hope you have fun giving me ideas, so we can all make a funny little inside joke! xD

    Wan to help more? Email me some custom sounds and textures at my public email:

    Dont be hesitant to give me an idea, even if…

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  • FNaFbSlim

    F*** This S***

    December 31, 2015 by FNaFbSlim

    I'm f***ing done. Chances are I'll only be here sporadically from now on. Or at least until more people come here to help on a more frequent basis. Until then, adios you s***-eating motherf***ers.

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  • FNaFbSlim

    Mai Blough

    October 27, 2015 by FNaFbSlim

    ...what? I wanted to be creative about the name. Anyways, I'll be a sporadic help around this wiki for as long as it may exist. Just don't count on me to be TOO big a help.

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  • SwaggeringFoxy99

    What is your favorite fnafb quote? If you have a favorite or many favorite quotes,  put them in the comments section

    My favorite quotes would be

    No puppet man that's illegal

    Inhale my dong enragement child

    Foxy you piece of shit come help me

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