"Freddy my f****** head is gone" ~ Bonnie

Bonnie is a blue rabbit and a main character in Five Nights at F**kboy's, an extra party member in Five Nights at F**kboy's 2 in the form of Withered Bonnie, and a supporting character in both Five Nights at F**kboy's 2's Save Import Scenario, and Five Nights at F**kboy's 3: Act 3

Bonnie Icon

Five Nights at F**kboy's

Bonnie is one of the party members for the first Five Nights at F**kboys, and appears as part of a boss fight in the second one. He is arguably the strongest, but the most frail.



Bonnie's overworld sprites

For Bonnie to join your party, you must do a variety of steps. First off, head to the Parts and Service room, and talk to him. He´ll make you get his head after a few lines. Now, to get his head, you´ll need Chica. Head on to the right hallway, and head down until you find a chest. Get the Kitchen Key, and proceed to open the Kitchen (however, if you haven´t gotten the Dragon Dildo and you have Night X as your difficulty, bash the door a hundred times before getting the key to get it). Now that Chica is in your party, you will be able to access the girl´s bathroom. Enter (as solely Chica), then take a step forward and leave- Freddy (and Foxy if you have him) will be able to enter now.

Open the treasure chest to the right containing a voucher for his head, and fight the Beta Party Hat to get a store to appear. Much like with the lighter, a Special Offer button will appear, which makes BB let you buy Bonnie´s Head. You can choose to use it on a party member (it´s one of the best defensive items in the game), however, it is unadvised to do so, as Bonnie is one of the strongest party members. Just go talk to Bonnie and he will join you.

However, if you´re playing the game on Nights XX or XXX, it is not required to do any of this. Just talk to him, and he will join your party while saying "yes".


  • As of the Final Mix update you no longer need Chica to recruit Bonnie as shattering Freddy's masculinity will allow him to enter the Women's Bathroom, which will cause a cutscene enabling you to enter the Women's Bathroom.

Stats (Player)

Night X
Level 1 396 87 18 21 20
Level 5 609 136 25 29 48
Level 10 875 196 33 39 83
Level 20 1406 317 50 59 152
Night XX and XXX
Level 1 201 57 11 10 17
Level 5 361 89 16 15 26
Level 10 561 128 21 20


Stats (Boss)

140200 9999 518 128


75000 9999 200 125 152


Bunny Hop

Bonnie jumps on the opponents head. Hits up to five times. Formula: 20 + a.atk * 1.6 - b.def * 0.8

Backup Bash

Bonnie swings at his opponent. It has a 10% chance to hit, and when it hits, it can do up to fifty thousand damage when critical. In Night XX it has a 15% chance to hit. Deals ~25000 damage

Guitar Smash

Bonnie smashes his guitar on the opponent. Does high damage, but destroys all guitars in your inventory and equipment bar. Don´t use this unless its a risk you want to take. Best choice is using it against the final boss BB when you do enough damage to him. Deals ~400 damage

Bonbon Combo

Bonnie´s ultimate move. Like the other combos, it allows you to string up a combination of screams and skills. Bunny Hop and Backup Bash are the best skills to use for this. To get this skill you must go into the Parts and Service room and defeat Toy Bonnie, who appears after reaching level twenty with Bonnie.