"Wow. You dirty, depraved piece of shit." - Description


Dragon Dildos are the most powerful weapons in the F***boys series. Only Freddy F***boy, Toy Freddy and Golden Freddy can equip them.


To obtain it in the first game, you have to punch the kitchen

door until Freddy claims it's not "going to work" (about 30 times). Then, continue punching the door 100 times. It will raise attack by 500.

You cannot equip the Dragon Dildo in Night XX or Night XXX.

CAUTION: Once you have unlocked the Kitchen Door to have Chica join party you can no longer obtain the Item.


To obtain it in the second game, first you must get the stick needed to recruit Toy Bonnie, then keep it. Upon reaching the Cave of the Past, it will morph into the Dragon Dildo A. To get to the Dragon Dildo F, here's what you need to do.

You must: Complete all 3 Arcade Games, recruit all of the Withereds, defeat both Puppets (counts as two tasks) and beat the Boss Rush. The Dragon Dildo F gives a significant boost to all stats and is one of the requirements to fighting the Refurbs.

FNAFB 3: Act 2

To obtain it in the Act 2 of the third game, first you need to beat Phantom Foxy, then get a second tape from a Phantom Hat δ and tape the poster back up where it was. After that, when Act 2 arrives, simply punch it 100 times as Golden Freddy. It is called the Hydra Dildo in this game, and gives Golden Freddy a second turn similar to Springtrap. Interestingly, the Dragon Dildo F is programmed to give him a second turn too, even though it isn't anywhere in the game.

FNAFB 3: Act 3

Freddy starts with the standard Dragon Dildo from the first game. Also, a new version exists called the Scylla Dildo. It can only be acquired during the Vile chase sequence by entering 20's Pirate Cove before he leaves the 20's Backroom. It gives Freddy a Defense and a Speed buff while equipped.

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