Five Night's At F---boy's 3

Springtrap embarks on the most thrilling night of debauchery yet...

Five Nights at F---boy’s 3 is an FNaF fangame developed by Sable Lynn and Joshua Shaw. It is the climactic sequel to Five Nights at F---boy's and Five Nights at F---boy's 2.

Featuring multiple scenarios, a complex and intuitive battle system, a plethora of enemies, and loads of secrets, Five Nights at F---boy’s 3 can be downloaded here at GameJolt!

Game includes:

  • Not Freddy!
  • Foxy masturbating (again!)
  • Starbucks!
  • Balls of steel!
  • Rap battles!
  • Vacuum cleaners!
  • Hydra dildos


"Are you ready for not Freddy."

Screenshot (58)

"Inhale my dong enragement child."

Springtrap is the first and only Character you play as in the beginning of the game. He decides he wants to have a night of debauchery to himself and needs to shit on all the Camera's(of course). But the Party Hats are in his way and stopping him from having his night of Debauchery.


DEMOLITION- Springtrap's weak combo.

DESTRUCTION- Springtrap's medium combo.

DEVASTATION- Springtrap's strong combo.

FORTIFICATION- Springtrap takes a defensive stance. Increases defense, and lasts five turns.

AGGRESSION- Springtrap takes an aggressive stance. Increases attack, and lasts five turns.

QUICK STEP- Springtrap speeds up. Increases speed, and lasts five turns.

EXACT SIGHT- Springtrap hones in on the enemy. Increases accuracy, and lasts five turns.

STUNNING SWING- Springtrap strikes with his whip. Might paralyze.

GUN SWING - Springtrap Bashes his foe with gun

SOMNOUS STRIKE- Springtrap hits with a mesmerizing strike. Might put the foe to sleep.

BACKUP BASH- Springtrap hits an enemy with an incredible blow... but it has a high chance of missing.

SPREAD BOMB- Springtrap throws a bomb that does damage to all enemies present. Useful in group fights.

CONNECTION- Springtrap hits the foe with an active wire.(hits up to 5 times)

SILENT SNAP- Springtrap cracks his whip. This can potentially disable the enemy's skills.

PHANTOM VOLT- Springtrap zaps all of his foes with a surge of phantom electricity. Has slightly low accuracy.

PHANTOM LUNGE- Has an incredibly slight chance of immediately dropping the target's HP to 1.

PHANTOM STINGER- Has a chance of poisoning the enemy.

PHANTOM HEALING- Springtrap heals himself for 25% of his HP.

ANTI-AEGIS- Lowers the enemy's defense. Lasts five turns.

ANTI-ANIMA- Lowers the enemy's speed. Lasts five turns.

ANTI-AUDA- Lowers the enemy's attack. Lasts five turns.

ANTI-VERA- Lowers the enemy's accuracy. Lasts five turns.

REGENERATION- Springtrap creates a healing forcefield. Regenerates 5% HP per turn for five turns.

Golden Freddy

"Its time to yiff some dicks."


"You shitfuckers you didn't invite me to your night of debauchery i'm going to yiff your dicks"

"I'm going to yiff your dick."

In Act 2 you play as Golden Freddy and you have to destroy all the newly installed Cameras Springtrap made so you can reach the office room and yiff Springtrap's dick for not inviting you.


GOLDEN TOSS- Flings his tophat at the enemy. Hits twice.

GOLDEN STINGER- Attacks the foe with a shrill screech. Needs Mic Equipped.* Has a chance to poison.

GOLDEN MARCH- Does minor damage repeatedly. Has a chance of putting enemies to sleep.


ALPHA TRIGGER- Freddy channels the energy of a Alpha Hat.

BETA TRIGGER- Freddy channels the energy of a Beta Hat.

GAMMA TRIGGER- Freddy channels the energy of a Gamma Hat.

OMEGA TRIGGER- Freddy channels the energy of a Omega Hat.

PHANTOM EVOKER- Freddy puts a mysterious device to his head to bring forth his inner power...

Special Weapons

Whip Level 8: This weapon is found by defeating the Omega Phantom Hats in the Office Hall and Room 1. It increases attack as well as let Springtrap attack 3 times instead of 2.

Lucky Pizza: This shield is dropped by the Gamma Party Hats where Foxy is and its a 1/10 chance to drop. It also gives a better chance to drop more rare items from the enemies.

Lucky Soda: This soda is dropped by the Beta party hats in the arcade room where all the arcade machines are located. its a 1/10 chance to drop as well. it increases the amount of gold you get when you kill enemies.


- There's a random chance after dying instead of being greeted to the dead cranky game over screen, you will be greeted with an image of a chair made out of bones and a skull which has it's eye sockets glowing with the song: 'Wake me up Inside/Bring me to Life' by Evanescence playing in the background, after that the game goes back to the title screen.

- There's a random chance that you will encounter Bobo when changing rooms, he looks like a distorded BB. Also when you encounter him he laughs.