Five Nights at Fuckboys 2 is an RPG Maker VX Ace game made by Sable Lynn and Joshua Shaw. It is the sequel to the popular indie sidequel game Five Nights at Fuckboy's to Scott Cawthon's critically acclaimed Five Nights at Freddy's horror game.


Freddy Fuckboy wants to have a night of debauchery but the streamers are preventing him from this, so he must travel around the pizzeria and gather his friends to join him and help him be a huge douchebag and shit on the cameras, but there is a more sinister plan going on behind the scenes...

Character quotes

Toy Freddy


Are you freddy for ready

here is your dick you ass toasting fuckstick 

you dirty piece of yiffy garbage come back with my merriment device

is that your sense of music?

engage the camera mother fucker

oh shit

inhale my dong enragement child

inhale my dong enragement BITCH



tough shit im not touching your ass


fine im not touching your ass though

engage the stick motherfucker

fine jesus fucking christ im sick of your shit already

what the fuck is this

well that was fucking stupid

i cant go in there it will forsake my masculinity

my beloved masculinity has shattered

are you proud of yourself

i'll get your your fucking cupcakes jesus fucking christ you're absolutely unbearable

its time, to inhale

but im already there

i have obtained the tapes

the secrets of life

the mysteries of life can now be unlocked

they are calling for me

i am ready

to ascend

to become a rap god

it is my final destiny

and only one person stands in my way

wait what the fuck is this timer



i hate you puppet man you always ruin freddy fuckboy's pizza for me

this isn't happening

fuck yes i've shitten on all the cameras it's time for the trifecta of the gods



and that amazing sound it makes when you twist your back in the morning

mangle your song fucking sucks

you disgust me

im withdrawing my child support

Toy Bonnie

freddy im fucking stuck

freddy pls


you fucking piece of shit

im scared



freddy my child...


please buy me an esoteric sex toy...

but i need it...

i want to be hip with the kids...

you... you have the sex t-toy...

freddy plz...


if you come back here again...

i'll tear off your head and shit down your throat...

Toy Chica

freddy the kids flushed my cupcakes

go into the toilet and get them back

dine on my oven baked avian behind freddy fuckboy


Withered Bonnie





Withered Chica

devour my hot bird ass freddy

Withered Foxy



Withered Freddy

inhale my dong enragement bear

help me be a huge piece of shit and fuck up everything

what did I fucking miss

Unlocking Characters

  • Toy Chica

Go shatter Freddy's masculinity, by repeatedly trying to enter the girls bathroom. Alternatively, you may get Mangle first, then enter the room. She will claim she can't due to her fragile masculinity, only for Freddy to say no. Then, talk to Chica. She will then flush you down the toilet. You must get 30 tokens, then buy "StyrofoamCupcakesA" from BB, then fight Splash Woman. You must then give the cupcake to Chica. If you don't have the cupcake, she will shove you down the toilet again, but if you defeated Splash Woman before, she won't respawn.

  • Mangle

Talk to Mangle, she will ask for an "Esoteric Sex Toy". To get this dildo, fight Streamer in the following areas:

>Office Hall

>Party Room 3 And 4

The streamers there will have a 1/20 chance to drop a "Sex Toy Voucher". When you finally get it, give it to the BB in Kid's Cove, who will in turn give you the dildo you so seek. Give Mangle the "Sex Toy", and Withered Foxy will slither on in, taking the dildo for presumably his own needs. Go to Party Room 4, where Withered Foxy awaits. Be warned, this is an incredibly difficult fight, and it is recommended you have as many characters as possible to take him on. Chica's healing abilities come in especially useful here, as W.Foxy's attacks can come close to OHKOing you, even with D grade armor.

  • Toy Bonnie

Toy Bonnie is located in the right vent on the map. To get Bonnie to join your team, you must get him un-stuck from the vent. To do so, first speak to him so that the quest to save Bonnie activates. This will add a chest to the men's washroom. Go there, open the chest, and you'll receive the stick. Use the stick to push Bonnie out of the vent, and he'll join your team.

  • Withered animatronics

Defeat 10 Cameras and W.Bonnie will appear in Party Room 1. Defeat him and he will join you on your quest of debauchery.

Defeat 11 cameras for W.Chica to appear in Party Room 2. Defeat her and she will join you on your quest of debauchery.

Defeat 12 for W.Foxy to appear in Party Room 4. Defeat him and he will join you on your quest of debauchery.

Defeat all 13 Cameras and have all other Withered Animatronics in your party for W.Freddy to appear in Party Room 3. Defeat him and he will join you on your quest of debauchery.

BB Shops

In the following areas there will be Party Protection Hats. Defeat them and a BB shop will appear in their place.

>Main Hall

>Party Room 3

>Kids Cove

>The Office

Debug Room

Versions 1.03 and 1.04 ONLY. First off, before doing anything, make an audio file, .mp3, .ogg, or .wav, named "yiffed" (you can copy an audio file already in the game) and place it inside the Audio/BGM folder, in the game´s root file. There is a 1/200 chance of Shadow Freddy appearing in the Parts/Service room. Just keep going back and forth between the rooms until he appears. Once done, walk up to him. If you did not make the "yiffed" file, the game will crash and tell you that it doesn´t exist. Now, AFTER interacting with/approaching Shadow Freddy, go back to the Show Stage. There will be a Freddy & Friends poster there. Punch it by spamming enter (this only takes a hundred punches in any versions before Final Mix, any new versions from 1.03 takes a whopping 10,000 punches). After a while, you will teleport into the debug room. However, if you´re on the GameJolt version of the game there´s a chance you won´t be able to move. If this happened to you, save the game, open RPG Maker VX Ace (you have to buy it, however) and open the room, then delete the tile where you start on. Replace it. (You can also make the process quicker by placing Shadow Freddy in any room through VX Ace) You should find representations of what seems to be JoshuaShaw and SableSugar.



>Toy Bonnie(FNAFB 1 Sprite) - Lets you change the names of your party members.

>Animatronics(FNAFB 1 sprites(Freddy,Bonnie Chica,Foxy)FNAFB2 sprites(Toy Freddy/Chica/Bonnie/Mangle) - The animatronics that you talk to join your team.

>Shadow Bonnie(FNAFB 2 sprite) - Makes Toy Chica join you and disables the Puppet´s timer. However, it also removes all the BB shops in the restaurant, making you unable to buy weapons and equipment. Not recommended for solo critical runs!

>80´s BB - Buy anything you want for free, from both games.

>90´s BB - Teleports you to a place of your choice.

>An office fan decoration

As of v.1.04

The room is now in B.B.'s Palace and there is a new sign in the middle in which you input a code given to you after the TRUE credits from the FINAL MIX chapter, to access an extra Developers' room. In it you can choose to permanently walk as Male Freddy or Female Freddy, get free Cranky's Blessing, or add one of the extra scenario characters to your Party.


>90's BB

>80's BB

>Second Puppet

>Golden Freddy

>Toy Foxy (nonbroken skilless Mangle)

>A carousel for you to look at

Boss Rush Mode

If you kill all the Cameras a second time in another save, a crystal will appear in the Parts/Service room. The crystal will ask you if you want to play the Boss Rush, and if you say yes, it will ask you for a password The password, which is also given at the end of the game, is "rd4fd". Type it in, and you´ll fight every boss in the game, including the Protection Hats, and both Puppets.

The Dragon Dildo

If you keep the Stick you get after talking to Toy Bonnie, at the ice cliffs near the end of the game, your Stick will become the Dragon Dildo A. It will evolve into the Dragon Dildo B if you keep it after BB's reveal and having all 4 Withered Animationics. Then, after beating the two Puppets, your Dragon Dildo will evolve twice, this time into the Dragon Dildo C and D. If you manage to beat the minigames (in Cake, just keep spamming the cake, and in the Marionette minigame, just spam the first option for a while) it will become the Dragon Dildo E. After this, beat the Boss Rush- that is the final trigger to make it evolve into the Dragon Dildo F.

Secret Aftergame Boss

Version 1.03 and 1.04 ONLY!. If you managed to get all the requirements for the Dragon Dildo F and beat BB, after the credits, a mysterious voice will interrupt you. The original Animatronics will then appear, wearing Cranky´s Blessing.

Their stats are:

Freddy - 100 x lv20 FNaFB 1 Freddy health points.

Secret Boss


Bonnie - 100 x lv20 FNaFB 1 Bonnie health points.


Chica - 100 x lv20 FNaFB 1 Chica health points.


Foxy - 100 x lv20 FNaFB 1 Foxy health points.


This fight is the hardest fight in the game, so make sure you´re prepared before doing this if you want to beat it.

However, you gain only 840 tokens on Proud mode by doing so.


The Streamers are the main enemy in this game.

>Alpha Streamers: The easiest in the game, they only take about two normal hits to defeat!

>Beta Streamers: An upgrade from the Alpha Streamers. You´ll need upgraded weapons and a few defensive items before fighting these.

>Gamma Streamers: Even stronger than the Beta Streamers. If you want to be sure you'll win, than make sure you have all 4 party members. They mostly appear in groups of 3-5, also make sure you have atleast 1 Real weapon and some Large pizzas.

>Delta Streamers: Quite dangerous, only fight them if you have good enough gear to beat them. (about level 3 gear should suffice, 2 Real weapons recommended)

>Omega Streamers: The strongest kind of Streamer, they only appear in the Office. They appear in swarms of six or seven, and even if you have perfect gear, you might still have trouble fighting them.

>Metal Streamers: These rare kind of Streamers can appear in any room, replacing whatever Streamer was about to fight you. They can´t be harmed by normal attacks and tend to run away or guard- to kill them, use attacks that ignore defense(any skill attack), such as the Tophat Crash (for Toy Freddy) and the Token Throw/Death(or Toreador March, cheaper) (for BB and the Puppet), or use a Real weapon. They give 300 tokens when killed. They are an allusion to the similarly functioning Metal Slimes in the Dragon Quest series.

Pizzeria Protection Hats

The Party Hats from the first game make their return in Five Nights at Fuckboys 2, this time under the guise of Protection Hats, but still having their primary role of hosting a shop after being defeated. There is one of these in most rooms of the game. Like Streamers, their strength varies, although their power is easily determined if you take in mind how far out the room they are in. The one in the hallway is the weakest, and the one in the Office is the strongest, for example.

Fighting these early on in the game without any skills is a mistake, and is very likely to get you dead- although the Tophat Slash is very good at killing them!

The Q Scenario

In the Gamejolt GOTY edition of the game, a scenario exists in the game in which it is possible to play as BB and The Puppet, accessed by holding Q while making a new save. Due to the way of accessing it, it has been nicknamed "The Q Scenario".

In it, it is impossible to recruit the Toys or Withered Animatronics- BB will simply insult them, or in Chica´s case, flush her down the toilet in a reversion of events. Instead, the Second Puppet joins the party after being talked to. If the time expires on the second puppet and you haven't talked to it, the puppet will simply disappear as it is afraid to go against it's master.

Stores also can not be accessed, due to you playing as BB- to buy anything, you´ll have to get the Vending Machine to drop down by punching the Caroussel 200 times. However, this puts you at risk of encountering The Freddy Plushie when purchasing items.

Due to this, you cannot buy any armor or weapons- you´re stuck with what you have. However, by defeating Cameras, BB´s Beanie and Shirt will upgrade, becoming stronger as more are defeated. If the puppet has joined your party, you can find Real equipment in the restrooms, party rooms and the office to upgrade his 'parts', significantly increasing his stats.

Skills are also given out more freely in this Scenario. A few new skills, such as Confusion Lens, which gives the "stoned" effect, and Death, which insta-kills when it hits, are added as well.

The Final Mix Chapter

An entire new chapter was added to the game on the Final Mix update. It is accessed by importing a save from Fuckboys 1, in the XXX difficulty, having all cameras beaten.

Note: Spoilers here for anyone who hasn´t played/watched this part yet!!

At the start, if done correctly, you will find yourself at the point where you start the Golden Freddy battle, like in the original game. However, in the battle, you will find yourself ridiculously weak- enough for you to be killed in one-two turns. This is normal. You will notice that the game over screen has the original Cranky´s face on it, and that it´s taking a lot longer to fade out. Wait until it does so, and you´ll find yourself hearing Freddy complain about how unfair it was. As he does so, however, you´ll notice a car fly through. Just walk onto the Show Stage to continue.

You´ll find yourself in the car with BB, who calls Freddy "Ursine Man". Keep on talking and you´ll enter the inventory screen- you can see all the items and equipment you have from here. However, you´ll notice that Freddy is still Level 1- the maximum (and only) level achievable in Night XXX. Exit the menu, and BB will comment on this- and tell you that he´s sending you over to 1987, specifically, a while before the start of Fuckboys 2.

Now, you will see Past BB (called "80's BB") try to open the presents. Mangle (called Toy Foxy) and the passengers of the Future BB (known as "90's BB") 's car will appear and try to stop it. However, the player cannot open those presents in the normal game. A battle will begin shortly against Michael Jackson.

Now, your party will consist of Freddy, both BB´s, and Toy Foxy- however, you´ll notice 80´s BB has only one skill that auto-kills him and has barely any attack, while Toy Foxy has no skills whatsoever. Your main fighters will be Freddy and 90´s BB. Just keep attacking Jackson and reviving everyone whenever someone goes down, and the battle will end shortly. However, it´s not over yet, as Michael will head over to the presents and open them, becoming Mecha Jackson.

The fight with him is much easier- just keep wailing on him and he´ll break down in a few turns. You´ll gain Michael´s Hat. Now, Freddy will state that his admiration for the vision of the 80´s has been upped, and then he´ll head off on his "Vaporwave Adventure". After this, 90´s BB will murder his past self, and Toy Freddy will poke his head in, state that the timeline was ruined, and head out. The screen will cut, and you´ll find yourself alone as Freddy, in Vapor Land.

Immediatly save, and equip the Hat you got a few moments back- this is important. Now, exit and keep heading left, running from the enemies that appear (humorously, they´re Neon Trees and BlockBuster tickets). If you try to grind, you´ll find yourself unable to level up. Eventually, you´ll find yourself in a fight against two Neon Trees- but, much like when the Freddy Plushie appears, you won´t be able to do anything. After a few moments, Golden Freddy will appear, and state his signature quote. Now, if you didn´t equip Michael´s Hat, you will be instantly killed- so hope you saved upon entering.

However, if you DID equip it, Freddy will be protected from Golden Freddy´s yiffing, and then will state that he´s about to beat him up, and stating "It´s time to yiff some dicks", reversing roles. Fight for a few turns (Tophat Toss is your best bet), and Bonnie will "fall out of the sky"- adding him to your party. Keep fighting and the original team will all join. Afterwards, Golden Freddy will be slain. You´ll gain the item "Cranky´s Blessing". The screen will fade out (with the "blessing", which is sunglasses, visible on the party´s overworld sprites).

Now, you´ll be at the Pizzeria, walking out of a room. Freddy will state that they have no way of getting back "to the glorious 90´s", causing everyone else to swear. However, 90´s BB will pop up in his car at that moment, upon which Freddy will force himself inside. This will cause the coordinates for the time travel to get messed up, sending them into a limbo-esque area. BB will start reapiring it, and you´ll be able to buy items by visiting the Vending Machines.

When you´re done, talk to BB a few times, until Bonnie tries fixing it himself, but failing and sending everyone into the Credits. BB will escape, causing Freddy to swear for the entirety of the credits screen (and, in the middle, modifying his signature quote to "Inhale my shit enragement shit"). At the end, Freddy will insult him once more. However, he then notices eight blurry figures in front of him- and recognizes one of them (Toy Freddy) as "his doppelganger". He will then get the idea to "become an unwinnable boss and screw with their fucking heads". The party then gets into poses (with all of them having Cranky´s Blessings, and Freddy having the Dragon Dildo), becoming the Secret Boss from the main game.

Contrary to what Freddy says, it is possible to lose this fight (or win, in the normal game´s case). However, all the opposing animatronics have extremely low health, and Bonnie´s Backup Bash´s hit rate has been upped to 80%. Take out the Chicas at the start, and you´ll be good to go. After winning, Freddy will state that the finale will be "the life and death of enragement child", upon which Toy Freddy realizes that he is still alive, and the Withered/Toy animatronics join the party. You will then enter BB´s Palace, the final area.

At the start, a chest drops with the best gear in the game. You can then give it to the animatronics. In the main hall, you´re able to switch between four sets of 3 animatronics- the Freddies, Bonnies, Chicas, and Foxies. Choose the set you´re best at (the Freddies and Bonnies are the most useful ones, due to the Tophat Toss and Slash, and the Bonnies having two Backup Bashes), and head out of the door. You´ll have to explore BB´s Palace, and destroying the locks. Just roam around, and you´ll find the first one- however, it´s much more difficult than any of the Cameras. Keep fighting (and, possibly, reloading your save) until you win. At this point, due to you having "gotten gud" because you beat Golden Freddy, the Game Over screen has changed.

After killing all the locks, which should take about 30 minutes, head back to the main hall. The door will be open. Save the game, and proceed inside. You´ll find BB, who will state that he´s extremely tired and annoyed of you (with each sentence said having his laugh become more low-pitched), and you´ll begin the fight. You´ll start off with the Bonnies. Keep hitting him with Bunny Hop and Backup Bash, and he should be down easily. Next, you´ll play as the Foxies. Rushdown and Electroshock is your best bet. The Chicas follow soon after, but BB will be as easy to beat as with the others- just keep Screaming.

Finally, the Freddies will appear. Two things are different, though; for one, Freddy levels up every turn, starting off at one. BB is impossible to kill until level 20 is reached. Second, after reaching level 11, Golden Freddy will appear, say his line from the very beggining of the chapter, and join your party. Keep healing up and attacking BB, and he should be down for good (with a SMAAAAAAAAASH! line to accompany). For the final scene, you´ll see the FNaFB1 animatronics heading downward, somehow floating in midair, into BB´s car. The credits will roll.

Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy will very rarely appear in this game, and usually at the start of a battle against the Streamers. If he appears, however, he will instantly kill either the enemies, your team, or both, depending on the number of enemies. If your party is larger than the enemy party, he will yiff you. Else if you and the enemy have the same amount of party members, it will always yiff the enemy. Usually, when he materializes in front of you after entering battle, he will kill the enemies; however, while you are travelling, if he floats up to you, similarly to the Puppet, he will always kill you. Save often, you don´t want him ruining your game. Saving also randomizes the chances for his spawn rate both in the real world, and in combat.

In Final Mix, he gets a much bigger role, appearing as a boss twice (one unwinnable), and joining your party at the end.


-Golden Freddy´s signature phrase, said whenever appearing to the player

The Freddy Plush

The Freddy Plush is a very rare enemy (1/250 chance) in Five Nights at Fuckboys 2, added in the Final Mix update. He will only appear in the Show Stage, in the middle of two Streamers. If he enters the battle, the game won´t let you do anything for a few seconds, the screen will turn to black, and the music will change to the Rage Awakening theme from Kingdom Hearts 2.5 Final Mix HD. It is very hard to escape (This is not true if you are doing the Q scenario, as you can freely escape as you would with a regular pair of alpha streamers). However, it is not impossible.

Freddy Plush

It is not advised to fight it unless you have a full set of Real Weapons and the Equipment from the store in the office, and a lot of HP and Defense boosts, as it´s scream does around 3000 damage, and it can use all of Freddy´s skills from the original game. Defeating it yields six hundred tokens- double the amount of Metal Streamers.

In a parody of Freddy, the Plushie will begin the fight by exclaiming "Inhale", in a high pitched voice. This is the only thing it says, however.


-The Freddy Plush´s one quote.

Snoop Dogg and Tupac

For Tupac/Snoop, the process for FNaFB2-GOTYE is a little different: Beat both puppets on critical or proud mode and then the cassete radar will show up on the show stage.

TO FIGHT TUPAC: Get all the cassettes after getting the radar (Read the snoop dogg before you take the last one.)

TO FIGHT SNOOP DOGG: Before you take the last cassette, obtain 420 token(s). Once you have them, go and get your weed on at the last cassette.


>In very rare cases, in the office you will see a ghost like Balloon Boy onto the wall right to the BB shop.

-If you interact with it, it will say "hi" in a very high pitch voice.

Balloon Boy close up