"Are you ready for Freddy?"

Freddy F**kboy (The in-game icon.)

Freddy Fuckboy is the main protagonist of the game Five Nights At F**kboy's, and a secondary character in Five Nights at F**kboy's 2 and Five Nights at F**kboy's 3, Act 3. His voice is the imtranslator English (male). 

Five Nights At F**kboy's

Freddy is the main protagonist and the player's first party member in Five Nights at F**kboy's. His goal is to have a night of debauchery, which requires destroying the cameras within the restaurant. Freddy appears to have a love/hate relationship with the other animatronics, frequently complaining about them and denying any sort of friendship between them.

Freddy's main weapon is a Microphone, however he is also the only character who can wield the Dragon Dildo, the most powerful weapon in the game.


Night X
Level 1 334 139 21 11 36
Level 5 559 204 29 16 52
Level 10 840 285 39 21 72
Level 20 1402 446 58 32 112
Night X and XX
Level 1* 201 57 11 10 17
Level 5 361 89 16 15 26
Level 10 561 128 21 20 36

*Max possible level on Night XXX


Skill Name Description Cost Base Damage
Scream Default attack. - a.atk * 4 - b.def * 2
Tophat Toss Freddy flings his tophat at the enemy. Hits twice. 30 SP 300 + a.atk * 4 + a.mat * 2
Lead Stinger Freddy attacks the foe with a shrill screech. Needs a mic equipped*. Has a chance to poison.(No longer works with the dragon dildo). 60 SP 60 + a.atk * 2.4 + a.mat * 1.2 - b.def * 1.2 - b.mdf * 1.2
Toreador March Does minor damage repeatedly. Has a chance of putting enemies to sleep. 80 SP 30
Fazbear Combo The ultimate skill for Freddy... 100 PP Based on Attacks

*As of the final update, Lead Stinger can no longer be used with the Dragon Dildo equipped.

*In order to learn Freddy's skills in Night X, you need to buy them for 5 tokens from Balloon Boy. On Night XX and XXX, however, Freddy already has all of the skills. In order to learn Fazbear Combo, you need to defeat Toy Freddy.

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