The Godly Weapons are only found in FNAFB 1 Final Mix. After defeating all of the Cameras, return to the Dining Area. There should be a crack in the wall next to the cake table. Punch that crack 100 times to gain access to a hidden dungeon called the Interior Walls. Here, you'll fight Playing Cards. Each different Card has a 1/40 chance of dropping one of the Godly Weapons. There are the Godly Microphone, the Godly Guitar, the Godly Cupcakes, and the Godly Hook. They all do as much damage as the Real Weapons, they all grant an extra turn like the Level 8 Wire Whip, and they all provide a major stat boost.

Ace of Spades for Godly Microphone

Ace of Hearts for Godly Guitar

Ace of Clubs for Godly Hook

Ace of Diamonds for Godly Cupcakes