Party Hats are the main enemies of Five Nights at Fuckboy's and Act 3 of Five Nights at Fuckboy's 3. There are four different types, from Alpha to Omega. They randomly appear around the pizzeria in groups of 1-3.


In the first game, these are the different varieties of Party Hats:

-Alpha Party Hats, which appear in the Show Stage, Dining Area, and Backstage. They can drop the Kingly Hook.

-Beta Party Hats, which appear in the Bathroom, and the Halls. They can drop the Everything Cupcakes.

-Gamma Party Hats, which appear in Pirate's Cove and the Supply Closet. They can drop the Kingly Guitar.

-And last but not least, Omegas, which only appear in the Hall Corners. They can drop the Kingly Microphone. They are the only exception to the '3 at most' limit, as 4 of them will fight you alongside Golden Freddy and before you can access the fourth and final Enragement Child shop.

They are all but replaced by Streamers in the second game, then Phantom Hats during Act 1 of the third. Each also has a 1/10 chance of dropping a Pizza Slice, which can heal 100 HP.


  • 1/35 chance drops from the Party Hats are the only way to obtain the the Kingly Weapons. They are: the Kingly Microphone, the Kingly Guitar, the Everything Cupcakes and the Kingly Hook.
  • Omega Party Hats have a faint glow that the others either don't have or have at a much lesser extent.
  • The Party Hats have 2 different battle themes, the first one, for fighting Alpha Party Hats or Beta Party Hats, is One-Eighty-One from the RPG Horror game Space Funeral, the second one, for fighting Gamma Party Hats or Omega Party Hats, is Pepper Steak from the RPG Horror game OFF, coincidentally, they are both the normal battle themes for said games.
  • It was originally intended for there to be a Delta Party Hat in FNAFB 3 Act 3.
  • There is also another variant of the Party Hats in both FNAFB 2 and FNAFB 3. They are called Balloons, and they only appear in the Save Import Scenario (in BB's palace) in FNAFB 2 and as guards for the cameras in Act 2 of FNAFB 3.

Protection Hats

In the sequel, Party Hats return, only this time around as mini-bosses under the name Protection Hats, which guard BB's shops like groups of Party Hats in the first game. They retain the Pizza Slice drop, but no longer drop the best weapons. That is done by Streamers, instead. The Protection Hats also serve as guards of some cameras.

A Protection Hat.

Protection Hats also appear in Act 1 of the third game. They do not drop anything.