The Phantom Refurbs are a boss in Act 3.

They are similar to the refurbs, but of course it's with phantoms. To fight them, farm phantom beta balloons until you get the Phantom Shard. After that, go to Toy Freddy and go to the Q Scenarios. This boss won't appear if you haven't patched the game yet. If it says Phantom Shard, go to it. The battle will start by Freddy saying he senses a disturbance, Phantom Freddy then appears and says the first line from the normal Refurbs "ITS NOT OVER YET YOU DIRTY PIECES OF FUCKING SHIT" The Phantoms are mad Freddy and co. killed Cranky. After, phantom freddy says "I'm about to have the time of my fucking afterlife", Phantom Mangle will appear, next Phantom Chica then finally Phantom Foxy.

This boss battle has the same health as the normal Refurbs, and you should max out alot of stuff before fighting these guys.

The refurbs

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