Pirate Cove is entered from the bottom left hand corner of the Dining Area

Foxy can be located peeking through the curtain just like in the real game. If talked to, Freddy will ask for Foxy's assistance however, Foxy will turn him down.

This is a Level 3 area which means that Freddy and co. will encounter Gamma Party Hats


  • It is not recommended for new players to enter this area as a group of Gamma Party Hats can 'One-Shot' Freddy
  • The Camera can be located 3 tiles away from Pirate Cove's sign
  • After Foxy joins your party and he reaches Level 20 on Night X, Level 10 with 5 Cameras destroyed or after all 10 Cameras are destroyed on Night XXX, Mangle can be located near the upper right corner after interacting with Enragement Child on the Show Stage.

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