The Refurbs (FNaFB 2)

The Refurbs are a group of secret bosses in Five Nights at F***Boy's 2


The Refurbs are the original protagonists from Five Nights at F***Boy's, with newly acquired sunglasses, in "the best posture" for what they are about to do. These are revealed to be the Cranky's Blessing unlocked by beating Golden Freddy in the Save Import Scenerio.

How to unlock

To unlock the secret boss, you have to legitimately obtain the Dragon Dildo F. As you can't get one of the requirements in Critical, you must beat Shadow Bonnie instead in order to fight them.

Boss Battle

The Refurbs are HIGHLY buffed versions of the originals, with some stats being multiplied by 10x (ATK, DEF, SPD) while others are multiplied by 100x.


"its not over yet, you dirty pieces of fucking shit"(Intro)

"are you ready for freddy" Freddy reveals himself

"i'm about to have the time of my fucking life" Said afterwards

"yes" Bonnie appears

"Devour my hot bird ass freddy" Chica appears


"what the fuck is this shit" Toy Freddy


  • The battle music is What I'm Made Of by Crush 40.
  • Earlier on, this battle was considered impossible, even by the creators.
  • In the new patch, after you win the fight Toy Freddy will say "i fucking did it it my shit", then a message will appear showing how many turns happened in the battle.
  • Joshua Shaw stayed up to 2 AM to finish the development of the fight.
  • In all, the Refurbs have 722,000 health but it will be more since they revive with cakes.

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