RULES OF THE WIKI                  

This section will include rules for: The message walls, pages and user pages!

Rule one: Do not edit anybody else's user page unless they give you permission.

Rule two: If you are banned, don't ban evade. That is unacceptable.

Rule three: Do not vandalize ANY page.

Rule four: Be in your teens to enter this wiki. Foul language, so 14+.

Rule five: Do not ask to be an admin. No spots are available.

                                     RULES OF THE CHAT

Rule one: Do not spam.

Rule two: Do not discuss the topic of pirating.

Rule three: Do not even ban evade. Remember, if the admins are suspicious, we can do IP checks.

Rule four: Please try to avoid the topic of suicide, cutting or anything such as that.

Rule five: Do not advertise your wiki.

Rule six: Do not make fun, or harass, others.

Rule seven: Do not curse every one or two words.

                                             BAN TIMES

Breaking one rule: Warning number one.

Breaking two rules: Warning number two.

Breaking three rules: Ban for 6 hours.

Breaking four rules: Ban for 3 days.

Breaking five rules: Ban for a week.

Breaking six rules: Ban for 5 weeks.

Breaking seven rules: Infinite ban.

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