1. Show stage
2. party room

The Show Stage & Dining Area is where both Freddy and the player start the game.

The area is of a Level 1 Power meaning Freddy and co. will only encounter Alpha Party Hats in that area.

Area Overview

This is the area where the player starts the game. You can go to Backstage, the Restrooms, the East Hall, and West Hall, and the Kitchen from here.

There are two cameras here, the weakest in the game. As of the Final Mix update, if you interact with the "Get Crunk" bottle 100 times, a vending machine will drop from the ceiling.

When Freddy reaches LV 20, a Toy Freddy controlled by BB will appear. If you interact with him, he will fight you. If you defeat him, you unlock Tophat Combo, Freddy's combo move.

When Foxy reaches LV 20, a notably nervous BB will appear. When you interact with him, Mangle will bite his head off. After that, you can go into Pirate Cove and fight her.


  • This is the room that has two cameras in view at once.
  • As with what she said at the end of FNAFB2, when you interact with Balloon Boy in this area, he will get attacked and his head bitten off by Mangle.

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