Splash Woman's Battle Sprite

"prepare to be yiffed fazfucker" - Splash Woman's first quote

Splash Woman is the first boss of FNAFB2. She is Toy Freddy's ex-wife. She is the mother and Toy Freddy the father of Vile, who appears at the end of the second game and is the main character of the "W Scenario" of FNAFB1 Final Mix. She can encountered in the sewer as part of mission to get Toy Chica. After entering the Women's Bathroom, Toy Freddy will go down into the sewer and collect Tokens, after which you will encounter Splash Woman, after which the battle will start:

  • Toy Freddy: Fuck, I can't see shit
  • Splash Woman: Prepare to be yiffed fazfucker
  • Toy Freddy: Who
  • Toy Freddy: oh
  • Toy Freddy: oh NO
  • Toy Freddy: It's you

(At this point, Splash Woman will fade into view)

  • Splash Woman: Hello my fuckboy
  • Toy Freddy: I dreaded this day
  • Toy Freddy: the return
  • Toy Freddy: of my ex

After 1/4th of Splash Woman's health has been drained, new dialog will appear:

  • Splash Woman: Remember all the years we had together Freddy
  • Toy Freddy: Remember all the years you were a piece of shit

And after half:

  • Splash Woman: I only cheated on you ten times
  • Toy Freddy: Inhale

And after 3/4ths:

  • Toy Freddy: Also, you stole my fucking car
  • Splash Woman: too bad

After defeating Splash Woman, Toy Freddy will say "I'm withdrawing my child support" and have all of his lost tokens repaid, and return to the woman's bathroom, and unlock Toy Chica (if Foam Cupcakes A was purchased from the BB shop at the bottom before the battle).


  • She was originally a Robot Master from Capcom's Mega Man 9.

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