Springtrap is the player character in FNAFB 3 Act 1 and the final boss of Act 2. His initial goal is to defeat the Phantoms so that he can enter the Office. Upon successfully entering the Office, it is revealed that he has been working for the ghost of Enragement Child in a scheme to bring him back to life so that he may take over once and for all.

He also appears in FNAFB 3 Act 3, if you go in the secret room while in the 90s trying to shit on the Restroom Generator. He'll say "it needs quarters" when you try to play a game except FNAFB 4.


"Are you ready for not Freddy"


"I'm going to punch the fuck out of this poster"


"I have a debilitating fear of open spaces"

"I cannot exit"

"Oh shit"

"I knew this was a fucking horrible plan"

"Devour my excriminent undead party wear"

"I fucking did it eat my shit"

Springtrap's Skills

Name Descripsion Cost Level Acquired
Demolition Springtrap's weak combo. 50 TP Level 1
Anti Aegis Lowers the enemy's defense.

Lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 2
Fortification Springtrap takes a defensive stance.

Increases defense, and lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 3
Stunning Swing Springtrap strikes with his whip.

Might paralyze.

50 MP Level 4
Anti Anima Lowers the enemy's speed.

Lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 5
Quick Step Springtrap speeds up.

Increases speed, and lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 6
Backup Bash Springtrap hits the enemy with an incredible blow...

but it has a high chance of missing.

50 MP Level 7
Anti Auda Lowers the enemy's attack.

Lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 8
Aggression Springtrap takes an offensive stance.

Increases attack, and lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 9
Somnous Strike Springtrap hits with a mesmerizing strike.

Might put the foe to sleep.

50 MP Level 10
Anti Vera Lowers the enemy's accuracy.

Lasts five turns.

60 MP Level 11
Exact Sight Springtrap hones in on the enemy.

Increases accuracy, and lasts five turns.

40 MP Level 12
Spread Bomb Springtrap throws a bomb that does damage

to all enemies present. Useful in group fights.

120 MP Level 13
Regeneration Springtrap creates a healing forcefield.

Regenerates 5% HP per turn for five turns.

80 MP Level 14
Connection Springtrap hits the foe with an active wire. 130 MP Level 15
Silent Snap Springtrap cracks his whip.

Can potentially disable the enemy's skills.

70 MP Level 16
Second Wind Springtrap braces himself for a deadly attack...

Allows you to revive upon death if its state is in effect.

200 MP Level 17
Lying Luna Increases attack by 200%, but you lose control

of Springtrap for a few turns.

200 MP Level 18
Dispel Dance Springtrap removes all negative status effects. 80 MP Level 19
Conversion Springtrap converts his TP to MP.

Regenerates 5% MP per turn for five turns.

50 TP Level 20


Springtrap's voice is made by Oddcast Text-To-Speech's Daniel (UK) in High Pitch.

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