"freddy im fucking stuck"

Toy Bonnie is a playable character in FNAFB2, but can also be played as in the Q Scenario of FNAFB Final Mix. In FNAFB2, he has access to some supportive skills In the form of Grab Bag and Status Bomb, and also an offensive skill in the form of Spread Bomb. He also has a seemingly useful ability called Timer Flip which can only be activated outside of battle, thus having little to no practicality. This is due to a bug that prevents the timer from being altered in battle. He uses Tech instead of Skill in FNAFB2, and has a lousy max skill stat of 1. He can equip Toy Guitars in both games, and also the Real Guitar.

To recruit Toy Bonnie, you have to find him in the right air vent, where he has gotten fucking stuck, although Toy Freddy doesn't want to touch his ass to get him out. Then you must go into the men's room and get the Stick to push Toy Bonnie out of the vent, although he hates it, saying that is fucking hurts, and calling Toy Freddy a fucking piece of shit when he uses the stick. However, he manages to get out of the vent and joins the party. He can gain the Terror Keystone in a chest when he reaches Level 20, thus giving him Terror Fever.

In FNAFB1, he's been mind controlled by The Puppet's weed magic, and is an optional enemy you must defeat to fight the true final boss. He can only be fought when Bonnie is Level 20, however, and is fought in the Parts/service Room. Upon Toy Bonnie's defeat, Bonnie will learn his combo move, Bonbon Combo. In the Q Scenario, he can be recruited by BB.

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