aka That Guy Who Watches Videos

  • I live in a Luxurious Space-Mansion somewhere in the Asteroid Belt
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is Net Surfer
  • I am a Manly Man
  • FNaFbSlim

    F*** This S***

    December 31, 2015 by FNaFbSlim

    I'm f***ing done. Chances are I'll only be here sporadically from now on. Or at least until more people come here to help on a more frequent basis. Until then, adios you s***-eating motherf***ers.

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  • FNaFbSlim

    Mai Blough

    October 27, 2015 by FNaFbSlim

    ...what? I wanted to be creative about the name. Anyways, I'll be a sporadic help around this wiki for as long as it may exist. Just don't count on me to be TOO big a help.

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